SMS Evolution

SMS Evolution

Business Communications. Evolved.

Business Communictations. Evolved.

Benefits of SMS for business

Businesses depend on communications for all aspects of their operations.
Communicating with Customers.
Communicating with Staff.
It's all mission critical!


Resolve customer issues & increase productivity with lower call volumes & faster daily operations. Instead of spending all day on the phone, handle more communications from the convenience of any device. Avoid the long hold times that frustrate your customers.


Prevent leads from growing cold by integrating SMS with your CRM. Automate drip sequences to keep them warm. Easily schedule calls and send meeting reminders that don’t get lost.


Improve engagement and generate new revenue through sms marketing, contests, events and sales.


Payment deadline reminders and batch-notices to delinquent customers. Avoid the painful phone calls and INCREASE your customer appreciation and response.


Easily reach Office and Field Staff with announcements, special instructions or emergency notices. Your staff will appreciate the flexibility & speed of SMS messaging with their managers.

Percent of Americans text at least once per day.
Percent of all SMS Messages read within 3 min.
Times more SMS Messages sent than Phone Calls in USA.

Your Customers PREFER SMS to Phone calls

FACT: SMS Messages have 2-3 TIMES the engagement of any social media, including chatbots.


Compared to the time (payroll expense) of handling messaging over the phone. Save $$ on your Toll-Free Calls.


Customers and Employees all prefer the flexibility & accountability of SMS. Texting allows more freedom and flexibility.


You'r 400% More Likely to close sales when SMS is in the mix. Send images and links to aid in sales. process.


• Receive Notifications and Text Chat over any device.
• Canned and Auto-Replies.
• Route Text Conversations to specific Staff via Keyword. • Staff Accounts with Full or Limited Privileges.
• Admin Dashboard to monitor All Messages within your Organization.
• Send and Receive MME Images and URL links.
• Save Money on your Toll-Free Calls by Using SMS Instead.


Hear from the businesses that have already adopted SMS...

"Our service department has become happier and more productive using SMS. Less time spent holding phones to ears and more time for actually servicing our customers!"
John Clark
Shop Manager, Autowerks

"I love being able to see at a glance all the open Customer Inquiries across our entire organization, and being able to route the conversations to available staff instantly. Best service to hit our industry in a long long time."
Stephen Wright
Owner, Challenge Recruiting
"SMS has been a game changer for us. Not only can we resolve customer issues more quickly with less confusion, but we're saving money by reducing the time spent on our Toll-Free Phones."
M .Rogers
Owner, Mobile Glass Repair
"Text Messaging has quickly replaced phone calls as our communication of choice because it frees up time, eliminates confusion, and increases productivity."
Sheryl Breen
CEO, Mondo Staffing


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