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SMS Evolution

Business Communications. Evolved.

Business Communictations. Evolved.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will Text-Enabling my Landline affect My Phone Calls or Phone Bill?
No. You're Phone Calls and Bill will not be affected, though if you have a Toll-Free Line you may save money by reducing the time spent on your Phone.

How will I Send & Receive Text Messages on my Landline?
It's Easy! Any computer, tablet or mobile device can be used. A clean dashboard is provided to manage all your Text Message Conversations at any time. Additionally, individual Message Threads can be routed to specific employees.

Can multiple staff access the Text Messages?
Yes! No Apps required. You can even setup specific Keywords (like their Name) which automatically routes any Text Message to them.

How will I receive Alerts when new Text Messages come in?
Easy. Any of those same devices can receive alerts of new messages.

Can I load auto-replies or canned messages to save me time? Yes. Both.

How long does it take to get started? Literally minutes. We verify you own the Landline and that it can be used for SMS Messages. Then, once you sign up, our staff will setup your account the same "business" day. We are open 9am-5pm PST Monday-Friday.

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